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If the goods are damaged or the package is lost, we will compensate you in full.

Shipping Rebate Policy

The relationship we have fostered with the international transporting company who handles all of our shipping is beneficial not only to us but benefits our customers as well! When our high shipping volume has afforded us a discounted rate, we can reduce what we charge our customers for transport. On the occasions that our shipping fees are lowered we decided that refunding the customer that portion of their payment was the best/fairest option. We will always put our customers first! In this event, all shipping refunds will be provided within thirty (30) days of purchase via gift card. Gift cards will be issued the contact e-mail provided by the buyer. Simple instructions on how to redeem your refund gift card will be provided along with it for a hassle-free check out. As always, there is no processing fee and these gift cards dont expire or diminish over time.
Note: This offer is only available on single order in which weight is 10kg(22lbs) or more. The heavier the item you buy, the more money you can potentially get back.Purchasing goods weighing more than 21kg(46.2lbs) will result in the greatest shipping discount.

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